i love tube socks tube socksYou might be asking what tennis has to do with your business or with anything for that matter.

If you watch the video and/or read this blog post you will see exactly how a tennis backhand or forehand for that matter, can relate to your business.

As you might have guessed, I love tennis. Any time I can relate my business to something I am doing, good or bad, I do it. I think it’s easier for people to grasp your message if they can relate it to something in real life outside of business.

Let me share a little of my tennis history with you first. I played in high school and was the only freshman on the varsity team. In fact, I wasn’t a tennis player at all when I actually tried out. It just happened that my P.E. teacher saw me play softball, which was my “real” sport and thought I might make a good tennis player. Initially, I laughed, as did every one who knew me but I figured, why not me and why not at least try. So, with tube socks on (yes I wore tube socks for an entire year as a tennis player before I finally was convinced to wear the little girlie ankle socks) I tried out. I just played and played and had no idea what I was doing, other than winning all the time. That’s when it was announced I had won my way onto the varsit  team. No more laughing from my brother, boyfriend or softball friends. In fact my junior year I was 14-2 and my senior year I was undefeated, 16-0. That’s how I became a tennis player.  By the way, that’s me on the bottom row, left (with Tucson High shirt)

high school tennis
Fast forward 20 plus years I started playing at a local club and currently play on 3 competitive teams and still compete in local tournaments. I also love watching tennis on TV and am Rafael Nadal’s biggest fan. In fact, some people might even say I stalk him…all kidding aside I do actually stalk him a little in Palm Springs every year.

Recently when I was playing for fun I was having a little trouble with my backhand. I couldn’t seem to keep the ball in the court. The reason for this is I don’t have as much confidence in my backhand as I do my forehand so instead of finishing the swing up over my shoulder, I tend to stop half way through. It’s as if I am being cautious and trying to guide it. Because I don’t finish I do not get my desired result.

This is exactly why I believe tennis strokes relate to business. So many people do exactly what I do with my backhand in their own business. They get scared and they stop half way through. This causes a loss of momentum and the inability to get the results they are looking forward.

What causes us to do this you might ask? Most likely, it’s just fear. It’s all the stuff we allow in our heads to make us think we can’t do something. It’s the junk we allow to fill our head space that causes us to second guess ourselves. It’s the head garbage that causes us to lose our confidence. And when this all happens we stop. We stop in the middle of what we are doing in our business and we stop swinging the racquet to end up over our shoulder.

Think about this…if I were to swing my racquet all the way through with increasing momentum and end where I am supposed to end (up over my shoulder) how good do you think that shot would be? The same with your business. If you were to plow forward, with increasing momentum and not stop until you finish what you intended to do, what do you think your end result would be?

So, what’s the point of this blog post you might be wondering? The point is to not stop half way through. Swing through and don’t panic. If you finish the shot, you have a great chance of hitting a winner. If you don’t finish the shot you might get lucky but most likely you’ll be disappointed at the end result. Am I talking about business right now or tennis? Yes, BOTH!

If you’re a tennis player I wish you tons of fun and many victories on the court and if you aren’t a tennis player and are thinking about this from a business standpoint, take the shot, miss on your own terms and if you take the shot often enough eventually you won’t think about it so much and the victories will just keep coming.

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